Soft Skills Identification and Assessment Mobile App

The project has adapted selected online materials from the e-platform and the self-promotion tools in a pedagogically sound way and developed a mobile app for delivering these contents via smartphones and mobile devices. In this way, we support mobility: the user has the possibility to use the tools wherever and whenever he/she wants.

The mobile app main screens will show the following displays:

  • Splash screen (native)
  • Introduction screen (native)
  • Account page (edit/delete)
  • Login page (native)
  • Create account (mobile web)
  • E-learning course Home (native)
  • E-learning course search (native)
  • E-learning course search results (native)
  • Activity home (mobile web)
  • Activity tools (mobile web).

As a large proportion of the contents of the e-platform is available also as mobile application, the innovative aspects of the project are made visible to the environment.
Also the mobile app will offer access to audio contents which have been made available as podcasts or which can be activated by smart home assistants.