SOCRATEST – Soft Skills & Creativity Assessment and Testing for Volunteers in Times of Crisis is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (Key Action 227 – Partnerships for Creativity) developed thanks to the co-funding by the European Commission – Erasmus+ Programme (Italian Agency).

The overall aim of the SOCRATEST project is to provide organisations which employ volunteers with support and guidance to implement internal systems of recognition of soft skills and creativity potentials, in order to empower volunteers to enhance their skills development and competences that reinforce creativity and flexibility in working environments that are characterised by velocity, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

In order to reach this objective, the specific objectives are

  • to create Soft Skills and Creativity Identification and Assessment Tools, in order to support volunteers to recognize and validate their own soft skills, increase the awareness of the importance of soft skills in professional life, and to recognize informal and non- formal competences through evidence gathering;
  • to elaborate Self-Promotion Tools which will assist volunteers in promoting their soft skills they have acquired in volunteering, and provide the instruments they need to use for presenting and taking advantage of their soft skills in an effective way;
  • to make these materials available at a multilingual and interactive e-Platform and as mobile apps for smart phones, where parts will also be available as podcasts or can be activated by smart-home voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri.

To achieve these goals, a 6-country Partnership was created, bringing together highly experienced organisations and professionals from Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece and Portugal.