Soft Skills Identification and Assessment ePlatform

The e-Platform provides access to all online tools of the project. It also supports online an interactive blog and social networking applications. It promotes the use of already existing real-time translation services, which will break down the language barrier between users from different countries.

The e-platform environment is one of the core components of the SOCRATEST project. It provides the main multilingual interface for accessing the project’s educational validation and assessment material as well as access to the Soft Skills and Creativity Self-Promotion Tools.

The Soft Skills and Creativity Assessment and Testing e-Platform is an interactive web based platform that contains collections of different types of activities, such as social learning, cultural diversity, problem solving strategies, critical thinking , etc.

The e-Platform incorporates also functionality for uploading & searching educational materials, best practices and awareness raising tools and can support both personalised access or/and open access.

Moreover, it incorporates a number of additional tools that can be activated depending the training scenario:

  • Announcements
  • Discussion forums
  • User groups
  • Self-assessment exercises (multiple choice)
  • File & messages exchange
  • Wiki, Assignments
  • Teleconference.